SimpleSky started out with the idea that IT can be better. As experienced professional IT consultants with high values we started a company that offers the kind of customer service we would expect ourselves. Simply put, our service and help desk just may blow your socks off. Which means many people might think that we should start getting in to the sock business. The next time you put on a pair of socks, think about that bump on the sides by the toe. Yeah. If we made them that bump would be gone, but we won't because we are an IT consulting company and we focus on our core business so you can focus on yours.

SimpleSky, has been our professional tool for any resource that we have needed for our large corporation. The advice and instruction have been exactly what we needed.
SimpleSky has been a wonderful trustworthy partner for us (Scale Computing). IT is a true passion for their team and it shows by how they handle their partners and customers. They are a driven group that produces results for both sides of the coin, if they say they will do something, they do it — thats how it should be. You are definitely in great hands with SimpleSky - passionately knowledgable, they do what they say and just good people.
For the past 10 years, I have come to lean on Bryan and Jeff from SimpleSky because they have the passion for technology and the willingness to foster relationships with customers. SimpleSky understands Information Technology industry compliance requirements for many different business segments. I trust their standards to put the best equipment in for customers that maximize ROI. Whether its cloud offerings or on premise solutions, SimpleSky has your business covered.

At SimpleSky we believe that referrals are the greatest form of flattery. If you know a team who is worried about any aspect of their business technology, help them by putting them in touch with us.


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