Our story begins with us standing on the edge, feeling an excited nervous energy wash over us, we jumped.  For 15 years, we worked in the firm-first world of large consulting firms.  At the end of the day we would go home feeling like the value we provided was to the firm and not always the client.  That can feel empty, we wanted more and we wanted to be able to give more to our clients.  SimpleSky was born and we couldn’t be more excited to provide our vision & value. 

We recognized the need for authentic service providers that focus on the clients needs rather than obscure quotas and goals.  Freedom from these barriers allows us to create strong relationships and adhere to our values, while respecting our clients values.

Here’s what we do, we provide client focused managed services to small and medium sized businesses.  Whether you have 10 or 200 computers, with little or no IT staff, we are able to identify, consult and take action on your technology needs faster and more accurately than ever before.

When we started we wanted our clients to feel our passionate approach.  However, IT isn’t like racing a car or brewing a beer, it’s just not that exciting to others, but it is to us.  We have an uncompromising value system, and our mission is not to become the biggest but rather to be the highest quality and most referred boutique style Managed Services Company in our market.

Here's how it works:

,You get local onsite IT consultants with 24/7 help desk technicians to help deliver reliability, security and confidence within your IT environment.  Easy.  At SimpleSky we have only experienced tier 3 professionals and we focus on our core business so you can focus on yours.

Here's what makes us different:

No Contracts.  We don’t believe in locking our clients into something that only benefits us. Billable hour quotas? Nope.  Our team is measured by your success and happiness. Multi-Tasking? No way! Whether on-site or remote, our single-task approach keeps the focus on your business. Because you deserve the best, we offer tier 3 experienced techs and a pricing model with no surprises. We show up with a true proactive approach and have American based partnerships and vendor support. We have a client first strategy and also provide you complete documentation that is easily accessible and secure. Things change and so can we.  Being nimble is a core value that allows us to make decisions and take action whenever needed.

Here's why you'll love us:

Our mission is to become the highest quality and most referred IT consulting company.  Delivering authentic friendly service with a knowledgeable and economical focus while exceeding your technology expectations.

SimpleSky is an experienced team of passionate professionals who challenge the consulting status quo.

We understand what it takes to help you succeed and are committed to getting you there.

We enable our partners to leverage the latest technologies for their organizations, while keeping information secured and compliant with our responsive IT services and solutions.

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